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      Welcome to the official website of G.Tech Technology Ltd!

      Development Milestone

      Development Milestone

      G.Tech was established on August 28th, 1996.

      In 1997, developed and produced the first generation wireless keyboards and mice.

      In 1999, obtained the quality certificate of ISO9001. Start to supply products for Europe computer famous brand.

      In 2003, move to Phase I plant of G.Tech owned industrial park (20,000m2).

      In 2007, self-developed the most advanced automatic keyboard production system.

      In 2010, obtained the certificates of ISO14001OHSAS18001QC080000.

      In 2015, set up tooling subsidiary of Lang Crown, and automation service subsidiary of Jore, and achieved outstanding results.

      In 2016, move to Phase II plant of G.Tech owned industrial park (68,000m2).

      In 2017, ERP system updated to SAP system, and applied MES system.

      In 2019,decided to set up factory in Vietnam.

      In 2020,Applied to PLM system to manage projects.

      In July, 2021G.Tech Vietnam factory put into produce.

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