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      Welcome to the official website of G.Tech Technology Ltd!

      About Gtech

      Continuous innovation, pursuing excellence, customer first, always consistent.

      G.Tech Technology Ltd. is located in High-Tech Zone of Zhu Hai, mainly focuses on developing, manufacturing and selling computer peripheral products.

      G.Tech was established in August,1996. With years of  accumulation, it embraces strong research ability as well as experience of production & management. Due to team innovation and advanced idea in products , the turnover is constantly increased. Now G.Tech has built solid partnership with various world-wide famous enterprises.

      With many patents and government special sponsorships and cutting-edge automatic manufacturing system, G.Tech determines the development strategies towards "Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturer" and "Diversification".  By constantly expanding professional technical team, upgrading sophisticated equipments,  enhancing innovation capability and optimizing manufacture processes, G.Tech is building itself as world leading intelligence enterprise.   

      Its branch company Lang Crown Precision Mould Co., Ltd. owns advanced mould cloud computing and has robot automation manufacturing ability. Its mould intelligent manufacturing project changed the traditional ways of mould production, integrated multi system software and hardware technology in all directions , developed introductory, visible and automatic mould intelligent information manufacturing system.

      Jore Techology Co. LTD, the subsidiary of G.Tech Group targets to enhance the capabiliy of labor intensive enterprises by promoting the application of robot automation system. FAPP is the original and world leading keyboard automation production system developed by G.Tech in 2007, since when G.TECH has transformed the keyboard production to be one-step line from injection to final assembly.  

      In August, 2016, G.Tech moved to the new plant with 68,000㎡ successfully and steps into the new chapter of rapid development. The improvement and implementation of intelligent production guarantee the higher capacity and higher quality, which provides a solid foundation for G.Tech to develop more business with world wide well-known enterprises in the future.

      G.Tech decided to set up factory in Hai Phong in Vietnam in 2019 so as to expand increasing demand of capacity and improve comprehensive competitiveness.  G.Tech Vietnam factory has put into production in July, 2021. Our factory in Vietnam could provide international joint manufacturing service to constantly to meet customer-focused service goal. 

      Based on its strong technical accumulation and multiple advantages of intelligent manufacturing, G.Tech will continuously promote the intelligent manufacturing, actively respond to the national policy "Made in China 2025", to build the world-advanced innovative mannufacturer!

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