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      Welcome to the official website of G.Tech Technology Ltd!

      Group Structure

      Through over 20 years of intense competition baptism, G.Tech technology stands out itself with sincere  business principles, strong R&D, production and service capability. In 2015, G.Tech established  Lang Crown Precision Mould Co. Ltd and Jore Techology Co. LTD in Zhuhai in order to further promote the company in the way of collectivization, diversification and industrial development strategy 4.0. 

      Zhuhai Lang Crown Precision Mould Company aims to create the world's advanced  industrial production mode of mould intelligent production,  realizing to connect the national center for super calculate cloud computing and "unmanned" workshop of the high-tech manufacturing capacity.

      Zhuhai Jore technology Co., LTD, with core position in the field of intelligent logistics, namely the high-end integration of MES system  AGV, robots, aims to promote the intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing to labor-intensive enterprises and help further improve China's manufacturing efficiency, downsizing and improve the manufacturing accuracy to enhance the advantage of China's manufacturing enterprises in the global competition. 

      G.Tech decided to set up factory in Hai Phong in Vietnam in 2019 so as to expand increasing demand of capacity and improve comprehensive competitiveness.  G.Tech Vietnam factory has put into production in July, 2021. Our factory in Vietnam could provide international joint manufacturing service to constantly to meet customer-focused service goal. 

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