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    Welcome to the official website of G.Tech Technology Ltd!

    Mould Automation

    Zhuhai Lang Crown Precision Mould co., Ltd., the subsidiaries of Gtech Technology , realized the moulding automation in 2015 and made mold life cycle controlled by 100%. The Four CP integration technology and cloud computing technology synchronize design and parallel operation to make mold development cycle shorten to 45 days, increase the molding accuracy up to 98%, reduce the repeated invalid operation and shorten the product development cycle. It could further help reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and increase product added value as well.  The operation informatization, network, dynamic, synchronization  greatly enhance the whole monitoring and management process of the mould life cycle, which has obvious effect on the energy conservation and environmental protection, green manufacture, reduce carbon emissions etc. and also greatly enhance the enterprise  competitiveness.

    Mechanization Automation of mould making machine