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    Welcome to the official website of G.Tech Technology Ltd!


    In the process of manufacturing, we need to frequent test the components in order to control the product quality. Gtech lab is equipped with many precision experiment machines such as constant temperature and humidity testing machine, drop test machine, resist abrasion machine, switch life test machine, plastic impact tester & plastic melt flow tester etc.

    They could  do high and low temperature test, MTBF test, single & packaging product drop test,  wire swing, silkprint and lacquering abrasion test, alcohol corrosive  resistance, antistatic electromagnetic pulse test, receiver plug and unplug test, metal salt fog test, RoHs X-RF test, mouse encoder and roller life, keycaps  life test, key load curve test, keyboard keys function test,  hardness test of coating and electroplating products, the scratching test of coating products etc.. Totally about  25 experimental items could be tested here to provide  strong support to products with high quality and precision.